Cost Savings & Patient Safety Under the NHS

The British Medical Journal has recently sparked alarm with claims that the NHS is “close to breaking point”, with finances “cut to the bone” and “public safety at risk”. With public concern growing and reports that “13 NHS trusts are in special measures because of concerns about the quality of care being delivered”, it is critical that the cost effectiveness and asepticism of dental practice within the scheme be examined.


In response to the critical demand for cost savings and patient safety, MDDI provides a range of sterile, single use restorative dental instrument kits. MDDI Managing Director, Perry Johnson, explains: “These sterile, single-use instruments save on labour costs by reducing long cleaning times, reprocessing and sterilisation procedures and assist in helping eliminate cross-contamination by their single-use design and functionality.”

A case study by the Association of British Healthcare Industries on the use of procedure packs in Government Health Facilities has found that:

Procedure Packs deliver the right components, in the right configuration, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Procedure Packs deliver all the components needed in a single, sterile pack which improves aseptic control, potentially leaving patients less exposed to healthcare acquired infections.
  • Procedure Packs improve the quality of service by increasing patient throughput and reducing response times for emergency procedures.
  • By providing all components in a single pack, Procedure Packs simplify batch traceability.
  • Broader uptake of Procedure Packs across a number of healthcare providers leads to a standardisation of practices and drives up quality. The utilisation of Procedure Packs can also allow healthcare providers to establish guidelines and properly assess providers against rigid standards.


With the conclusion of this study confirming the push toward single use procedure packs, MDDI plan to assist the NHS in leading the way with the use of sterile single use instruments in the majority of their hospitals and adjoining universities. Available individually or as a customised kit, MDDI have designed their range of sterile, single-use  examination and restorative instruments to be convenient alternatives for dentists in various clinical situations that will save practices time and money. They are precision made instruments with stainless steel tipped probes and ergonomic plastic handles.

Sterile, single-use instruments are not only more economical in the first instance, but they eliminate sterilisation costs and are made from recyclable materials. ‘Particularly for the NHS, these instruments reduce cost and waste,’ says Barney Johnson, MDDI’s UK Operation Manager, ‘We work with NHS hospitals to create bespoke packages, they can choose exactly what instruments they need.’

Our product development team are continuously expanding our range to meet the needs of the dental industry. Also available from MDDI:

Sterile, Single-Use Surgical and Implant Procedure Packs

MDDI offer a complete range of dental implant and oral surgery procedure packs  to suit the area of primary growth in the dental industry today. Design a procedure pack to fit your surgical needs, enabling a complete sterile environment and optimal surgical results.