The Australian office is where MDDI began, and it is the base office for Managing Director, Perry Johnson. We have been servicing the Australian dental industry for over a decade and our popularity and growth overseas has resulted in the opening of branches in several locations across the globe, including a move to a larger premises for the head office based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Due to the success of our sterile, single-use products in the global dental market, we opened our UK office and warehouse facility in 2014, offering direct delivery of our full range of products. Specialising in an innovative range of sterile, single-use diagnostic and restorative instruments along with sterile, single-use implant and oral surgery procedure packs, MDDI is committed to providing effective, affordable, quality solutions to the dental market world wide.

Our manufacturing facility has been custom built for optimal hygiene and safety, with enough space to allow for rapid growth as we continually develop new products and materials. The facility has been CE certified as compliant with hygiene and sterilisation standards internationally. We pride ourselves on our state of the art factory and capable team, who ensure that our products and sterilisation processes are always of the highest quality, complying with CE, TGA and FDA standards.


Our design and product development team have been hard at work over the past few months, read on to find out about our exciting new changes.

New Branding

We are very excited to unveil our new look branding and packaging. Bearing in mind our existing international brand recognition, the design team have subtly updated our image with a fresh modern look while still maintaining our recognisable name and colour scheme. Be prepared to see the old and the new as we make the gradual transition.

Restorative Instrument Range

Our exclusive and successful range of sterile, single-use restorative instruments are now available globally and are taking the industry by storm. This innovative and efficient range has been designed to assist in reducing both cross contamination risks and reprocessing costs from your surgery. They feature high quality, sharp, precision made instruments with stainless steel tips and ergonomic handles, arriving at your surgery sterile and ready for use, individually packaged in a convenient dispenser box with a 2.5 year expiry. The kits are fully customisable to your specific needs, feature peel off  tracking labels for your records, and are CE and TGA certified.

New Packaging & Quantities

Our design team are pleased to introduce a new handy dispenser box and instrument sleeve. Specifically designed for ease of storage and product accessibility, the boxes fit neatly on benches, allowing you to keep your instruments within arms reach.

The sleeves feature clear panels for you to view the contents easily before opening the packet. The restorative instrument kits also feature piggy-back tracking labels, simplifying your tracking documentation process.

Please be aware, the new dispenser box and other packaging changes will be rolled out very soon and effects existing and new products. The amount you need to order may change.

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New Coding System

Due to the rapid growth of our sterile, single-use product range, we have introduced a new categorised coding and naming system. This will be rolled out soon – look out for the changes on our website. A new catalogue will be launched in the coming months.

Our new categories will be; Clinical Consumables (CC), Protective Apparel (PA), Procedure Packs (PP), Surgical Drapes (SD), Single Use Instruments (SI)

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Exciting changes ahead!

MDDI have continued to grow at a regular, steady pace since forming over 10 years ago by addressing gaps and trends in the dental market. We will continue to develop innovative and efficient solutions that give users peace of mind while also saving businesses time and money. Some of the exciting projects that we are currently working on include:

Tracking Labels

MDDI are currently in the process of adding batch tracking labels to our product packaging for patient traceability and record keeping purposes. Our restorative instrument range already feature peel off tracking labels for your convenience. Please let us know if this is a feature you find useful.


We are researching global traceability requirements. Driven by the NHS and GS1, standards are changing and we are making plans to ensure our products feature smooth purchasing and tracking systems into the future. We are following the changes closely and will adjust our packaging accordingly.

Our products already feature GS1 barcodes registered with the NPC.


MDDI has purposely designed and manufactured the sterile, single-use instrument range with a long-term goal of recyclability in mind. The instruments are made from recyclable materials and we are currently in the process of researching opportunities to develop a full recycling service. They can currently be placed into your existing sharps container for disposal.

New Products and Materials

We are expanding on our instrument range constantly and experimenting with new materials.
Can’t find what you need – contact us and we may be able to manufacture it for you.