In the Spotlight:

Cherbourg Volunteer Dental Clinic

This month, national media outlet, ABC, have put the spotlight on a cause that MDDI have been proud to support – the Cherbourg Volunteer Dental Clinic. Organised by 5th year dental student, Michael Baker, a team of volunteer dental students visit Cherbourg, located in South-East Queensland, 4 times a year to attend to the dental needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

The closest dental clinic for Cherbourg residents is located in Kingaroy, which is over an hour away and already has a significant wait list. This lack of available services means that patients were often suffering from severely broken down dentition and chronic pain. Since the program started in 2010, the team of volunteers has seen a transition from emergency dental treatment to more preventative dental treatment, which confirms the impact the service has had on the community.

The service is funded by donations, and MDDI were pleased to be able to assist this vital service by supplying sterile, single-use restorative and diagnostic dental instrument kits for one of the 2015 trips.

Averaging 100 – 120 patients per trip, the dental students were able to attend to 319 patients using MDDI sterile, single-use instruments and Instrument kits.

“As a coordinator of the Hope4Health Cherbourg Volunteer Dental Clinic I was continually concerned about the backlog in the sterilisation room on every trip. We could never keep up with demand of the four surgeries with one autoclave and a limited physical space to process the dirty instruments. After doing a little research and questioning whether we should outlay a huge amount to purchase another autoclave, we decided to trial some newly released disposable instruments from MDDI. We were a little sceptical at first as this had never been done before. All I can say is we have never looked back! As soon as we opened the box, the students absolutely loved the idea of disposable instruments. Positive comments kept coming in left, right and centre from all students as they used them in the clinical environment. The instruments were of such a high quality and the sterilisation room could now keep up with the demand as we were no longer required to process and sterilise tweezers, mouth mirrors, perio probes, sickle probes, flat plastics, ball burnishers and spoon excavators. The volunteer dental students managed to perform at total of 319 procedures in just 4 days using the MDDI instruments. Thank you MDDI for supporting the program and community through your disposable instrument donation.”
Hope4Health Cherbourg Volunteer Dental Clinic Coordinator.
Michael Baker.

MDDI are proud to support Indigenous Oral Health Services and pleased to be able to help make a difference in remote communities and areas where dental services are not readily available.