Autoclave Reprocessing Dental Instruments

How Much Does it Cost You To Reprocess a Tray Of Instruments?

In my travels around the world dental circuit I have never been witness to a stand or company that offers central sterilisation; and I don’t think I ever will be. The reason, I suspect, is because their charges are extortionate and typically their pricing schemes are clouded with obscurity. My understanding is the costs are based on cubic measurements resulting in an unknown, variable cost per tray of instruments. Nurses in the industry have calculated the prices to be anywhere from US$30 up to as much as US$80 to reprocess a single tray of instruments.


In 2008, a BDJ study concluded that 90%  of the clinics they researched  ‘did not comply with the required standard and provided insufficient information to allow for the effective decontamination of the instruments’.


World-wide trends indicate that sterilisation costs in private practices are also escalating due to rising labour costs, and increases in capital expenditure and routine ongoing maintenance. We are all aware of the escalating costs to run a private practice, well any business these days, so the question still stands. Do you know how much it costs you to reprocess a tray of instruments?

If you attend any dental showcase around the world you may be inspired by the ever evolving digital technologies however much else of the show will be quite familiar territory. You will notice the same products, the same companies, year in year out at every different venue. We think it’s time something new happened in the dental industry and MDDI has just the solution.

For years MDDI have conducted the research and development necessary to bring you a new product range ripe with benefits to your surgery that you hadn’t even thought of. Our innovative, high quality Single-Use Restorative Instrument Kits are set to take the conservative dental industry by storm.


Sterile, Single Use Dental Restorative Instruments

At as little as US$1 per instrument, delivered in a sterile pack, MDDI’s new products have the potential to save governments millions of dollars. What better way to give your surgery more financial control and patient safety than by making the switch to single-use dental instruments. After making the switch clinics never look back; with MDDI you can choose which instruments are required in your packs to suit your clinicians’ needs.

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Hope4Health Cherbourg Volunteer Dental Clinic Coordinator. Michael Baker.

We decided to trial some newly released sterile single use instruments from MDDI. We were a little sceptical at first as this had never been done before. All I can say is we have never looked back! Positive comments kept coming in left, right and centre from all students. The instruments were of such a high quality, very sharp, and the sterilisation room could now keep up with the demand…”