Dental implants are fast on the rise, and it is no wonder with the issue of tooth decay rapidly increasing in Australia.1 It is estimated that the Australian dental implant market will grow from USD 35.89 million in 2015 to USD 52.19 million by 2020.2 With the development in the industry evident it is a good time to get involved in dental implants. The dental implant industry is also expanding due to more and more practices seeing the possibilities of performing implant procedures in-house rather than outsourcing.

However, with each new dentist taking on implant surgeries comes another problem; how can a clinic maximise the value of each procedure without losing them to a competitor who is offering cheaper prices.

An American hospital found that one department of their hospital was wasting more than US$2.9 million a year on unused surgical equipment a year in one department alone.3 Now although you are not wasting that much money a year on unused surgical waste, can you afford to be wasting the amount of money on unused items that you are wasting? The answer is no!

This is an issue that could be seeing you spend money in many unseen areas. If the trends in tooth decay and dental implants continue then the costs of unused surgical waste will continue to grow for every business.

With the expense of procedure packs and unused waste now at the forefront of your mind, you might be thinking that not using procedure pack at all might be an option. It is not an option. The gown and drape barrier system has been proven to be an important factor in preventing wound infection.4

Here at MDDI Global we have conducted the research and developed the necessary products so that you can have exactly what you need for every surgery. More than this, we have put in place a process that ALLOWS YOU to CUSTOMISE PROCEDURE PACKS. This means that you can order the items that you need and in the correct quantity for your procedure to minimise waste. No more disposing of unused items and no more wasted time and money on the items you don’t want or need. Also, the procedure pack is supplied sterile and has an expiry date of five years from manufacture.

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