MDDI Custom Procedure Packs

If you are currently purchasing procedure packs from your traditional supplier, you may be wasting money by throwing away the unwanted items. We can provide a solution to this problem with our personalised custom kits, saving money for your business or your customers.

Apart from the standard packs that we manufacture, we also offer personalised custom pack contents. To view our individual products available for inclusion in your custom procedure pack, please download our Implant and oral Surgery Procedure Pack Catalogue.


Private Label Packaging Services (OEM)

MDDI offers the option of private labelling your very own Procedure Packs on all levels of packaging. Choose from one of our standard packs or design your own from our selection of Clinical Consumables, Protective Apparel and Surgical Drapes (see catalogue pages 18-20) to create a kit that meets your specific operating requirements. You receive the right components in the right configuration, packaged with your own unique design to maximise your brand exposure, CE and TGA certified.

Procedure Pack
Your company branding is applied to the pack label.

The Inner Box
The inner box can be printed with your company branding on all sides. A personalised label is applied to the front.

The Outer Carton
Two inner boxes are packed into the outer carton. A personalised label is applied to the front.