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YOUR PACK YOUR WAY Customise your own Procedure Pack Reduce waste - Save up to $40 per pack

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Diagnostic & Restorative Instruments

Diagnostic Instruments & Treatment Kits

Diagnostic & Restorative Instruments

Designed to assist in reducing cross contamination risks and reprocessing costs from your surgery.

Implant & Oral Surgery Procedure Packs

Implant & Oral Surgery Procedure Packs

Implant & Oral Surgery Procedure Packs

Arriving at your surgery sterile and ready for use, containing the essentials for establishing an aseptic operating field.

Drapes, Consumables & Protective Apparel

Drapes, Consumables & Protective Apparel

Drapes, Consumables & Protective Apparel

A range of high quality drapes, clinical consumables and protective apparel. Individually wrapped at competitive prices.

Custom Procedure Packs

Customisable Options

Customisable Options

We provide private label packaging and customised Procedure Pack options.

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We provide Sterile Single-Use Kits to customers all over the world.
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What we do

MDDI manufactures an innovative range of sterile, single-use solutions designed to save dental staff time and money, whilst delivering the highest standards of patient care.

With over 10 years experience in the provision of affordable quality products, MDDI is committed to enhancing the businesses of dental and healthcare professionals through the supply of innovative and efficient solutions.

We also offer a private label branding service for a number of leading Dental & Healthcare Distributors. This service includes a complete branding of product by our in-house design team, and includes company or brand logo being included on all units, from inner pack labels to outer cartons.

Our Products in Action

The MDDI range of sterile, single-use Implant and Oral Surgery Procedure Packs are the preferred option for dental practices all over the world. Watch the video below for an example of how our products can be used.


We manufacture thousands of kits every day. All are certified as sterile single use and meet required CE, FDA & TGA certification & ISO standards.

offices_around_worldWith offices around the world, MDDI can service your needs and those of your customers.

Global MDDI Warehouses
We have warehouse locations available around the globe to ensure fast & efficient delivery.
MDDI Order Online
Our online ordering service lets you choose the products you need and we can deliver them anywhere quickly and efficiently.
MDDI OEM branding
We provide OEM Branding services for customers across the globe. We can tailor our product packaging to your needs.